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Covid-19 Advice for VFI Members

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Why join the VFI – we provide representation for the trade on all necessary bodies, including Government, Local Authorities, Suppliers and other Agencies

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VFI Support

Membership creates a first port of call for any Licensee in difficulty relating to the trade. The VFI is a source of communication, information and advice on many topics, including Legal Matters, Employment, Taxation, Accounting, Planning, Business, Economic, Revenue and inheritance of the Family Business.

Representative Expertise

The VFI makes representations on members’ behalf at all levels, including Government, Local Authority and Trade. We are there to work for members to promote and protect their interests.

Stronger Together

Those involved in the Licensed Trade in Ireland are faced with a constant barrage of regulations, restrictions and legislation. It can be daunting to have to face Legislators or Regulators alone. By becoming a VFI member you will not be alone.