We are there to work on our members’ behalf to promote and protect their interests.

VFI represents 4,000 publicans across Ireland

Those involved in the Licensed Trade in Ireland are faced with a constant barrage of regulations, restrictions and legislation.

It can be daunting to have to face Legislators or Regulators alone. By becoming a VFI member you will not be alone.

We are there to advise our members when they experience difficulties of any sort within their business.

FREE Response to any query/request for information on

FREE Provision of all Necessary Notices e.g. Price Lists, No Smoking, Right to Refuse etc.

FREE Representation to Service Providers on Individual Issues.

FREE Provision of Licence Renewal Information reducing Legal Fees.

FREE Initial Advice on Legal, Accounting and Taxation Issues.

Access to favourable rates.


If you would like to discuss membership in more detail:

Top 4 Benefits of Membership

  1. Membership creates a first port of call for any Licensee in any difficulty relating to the trade.
  2. The VFI is a source of communication, information and advice on many topics: Legal Matters, Employment, Taxation, Accounting, Planning, Business, Economic, Revenue and Passing on the Family Business.
  3. The VFI provides representation for the trade on all necessary and appropriate bodies, including Government, Local Authorities, Suppliers and Other Agencies.
  4. Supplier deals.

In addition, the Federation continues to lobby on members’ behalf at all levels, including Government, Local Authority and Trade.