VFI statement – New guidelines bureaucracy gone mad

The Vintners’ Federation of Ireland (VFI) says the introduction of a new law, which states that restaurants and pubs serving food must now record all individual food orders and keep that data for 28 days, is “bureaucracy gone mad” and will add a huge burden to already struggling businesses.

Padraig Cribben, VFI Chief Executive, says: “This is crazy stuff. The idea that a pub must record all food ordered by each customer and then store it for 28 days is bureaucracy gone mad. Not only is it too impractical for our members to implement but why does the Government think this law will help in the fight against Covid? It’s madness.

“We’re all for making customers feel safe in our pubs but this new measure only increases pressure on staff already coping with a host of new safety measures.

“This is part of a Statutory Instrument introduced by the Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly without any consultation with the hospitality sector. It is obvious that both the Minister and his department have little understanding of the practical implications of this new law.”

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