VFI statement in response to Minister Ross’s comments

VFI CEO Padraig Cribben states: “Minister Ross is engaged in a cynical exercise in deflecting attention from his inability to manage other elements of his portfolio.

“Regarding drink driving, the law we have in place today would work if implemented. Statistics show the majority (over 80%) of those involved in such fatal accidents are at least twice the legal limit. That is where the focus of attention needs to be and not on the 1% the minister is targeting.

“Based on the figures in the Road Safety Authority report Minister Ross is incorrect when he states 35 lives will be saved if his proposed legislation is introduced. The minister should study the report before making statements that are incorrect and designed solely to generate a headline.”

The VFI is on record as stating enforcement of current legislation is one of the key issues in reducing road fatalities along with the need to tackle speed, drugs, dark clothing, dangerous behaviour, fatigue and distraction, which are all listed by the Road Safety Authority as contributory factors in fatal collisions.