VFI launches Christmas ‘Morning After’ campaign

The VFI has today (Wednesday 11th December) launched a ‘morning after’ awareness campaign aimed at arming people with the facts about driving safely after a night out.


The social media campaign is in response to a widespread misunderstanding amongst the public about changes to drink driving laws, with many people now worried about getting behind the wheel during the so-called ‘morning after’.

The one-minute animated video explains the facts about standard drink measures and how understanding that it takes the body one hour to process a standard drink is the key to safe driving.

Editor’s note:

  • The video is available to view HERE
  • The drink driving limit is 50mg per 100ml of blood and remains unchanged since its introduction in 2011. The limit for professional drivers is 20mg.
  • In October 2018, the penalty for being caught driving over 50mg (but under 80mg) changed to an automatic three-month driving ban.
  • Information contained in the video is sourced from drinkaware.ie and HSE website askaboutalcohol.ie