New Garda Insurance Fraud Unit Will Tackle Bogus Claims

VFI calls for immediate funding for new Garda Insurance Fraud Co-Ordination Unit


The VFI  has welcomed news that a special insurance fraud co-ordination unit is to be established within the Garda National Economic Crime Bureau, based at Harcourt Street, Dublin.

The unit will tackle bogus claims made by individuals who, at present, do not face any repercussions for making false allegations against businesses.

While welcoming the announcement, VFI Chief Executive Padraig Cribben says he is concerned the establishment of Insurance Fraud Unit is subject to An Garda receiving extra resources.

He says: “The need for a Garda Insurance Unit has been obvious for many years. The fact that people can make false claims knowing they will not face consequences has only encouraged more individuals and groups to pursue what they view as ‘easy money’.

“An Insurance Fraud Unit will send a strong message that suspected false claims will be vetted by An Garda.

“Given the unit’s importance in tackling insurance fraud we would urge government to allocate the required resources immediately to allow the unit commence its vital work,” Mr Cirbben concludes.