DIGI Report: Contribution Of Drinks Industry To Tourism

The latest report commissioned by the Drinks Industry Group of Ireland (DIGI) and authored by DCU economist Anthony Foley takes a look at the contribution of the pub and drinks industry to tourism.

Post-Brexit we could see a significant drop in the number of British tourists visiting Ireland which could impact the Irish economy by a loss of almost €70 million in revenue this year. In order to counteract this and to protect drinks industry jobs, DIGI is seeking a 15% reduction in alcohol excise tax in Budget 2018.

However the experience of an authentic Irish pub, a live trad session and a taste of real Irish beer and whiskey are top influential factors for overseas visitors choosing to visit Ireland.

A Fáilte Ireland survey found that 80% of all tourists said the Irish pub was the most important factor for choosing Ireland as a travel destination.  

Other key report findings include:

  • 83% of visitors said listening to music in an Irish pub was one of their visit activities
  • Tourists spent 34% of their total holiday expenditure on food and drinks in 2016
  • 21% of all visitors mentioned the pub as being a positive distinguishing feature of Ireland
  • The drinks industry is one of Ireland’s biggest exports: Jameson is drunk in 120 countries, Baileys in 130 and Guinness in 150

To read the full report click HERE